The most important change I would like to see through positive thoughts would be a decrease to my anxiety.

Lately I have felt extremely anxious. I have many different triggers that cause anxiety. Ever since 2011 when I was diagnosed with panic disorder I try to stay away from pop and lately I’m trying to limit the amount of sugar I consume altogether. There is one more culprit to blame for my anxiety; my mindset.

When I was younger and dealt with depression I wasn’t sure what anxiety was. I always had this awful and uncomfortable feeling in my stomach that I would refer to as, “the funny feeling” because I had nothing else to refer to it as. As I got older I came to realize this sickening pull in my stomach is being caused by the increase of cortisol, or stress hormone, pulsing through my body when ever I am feeling impatient or having toxic thoughts that I feel I am not able to control. When ever I get anxiety for prolonged periods of time I feel nauseous and picture myself throwing up all of this black body poison that is causing this awful feeling in my gut. My alone time is very important to me and although it helps I wish I had more ways to eliminate these self destructive thoughts that continuously take over my day.

I am hoping once I learn how to control my mind, focus on the positive, and fully live in the present I will be able to control my anxiety as well. I once heard that if you dwell on the darkness you will never be able to find the light.