Hello everyone!

I don’t know if it would be appropriate to say happy Monday, but happy Monday anyways!

I am actually having a superb day because of the fact I got to pick up my new laptop. In the past I have always bought really basic laptops with even more basic processers such as the centron. I’m not saying these computers are bad, but they would always start getting really slow on me in 1 year or less. A month or so ago I thought that I hit the jackpot when I went into Best Buy and was able to find a Lenovo laptop on the clearance rack that was “Geek Squad Certified”. When it has this specific label it means that the Geek Squad at Best Buy has gone over the computer and fixed any issued with it. With that being said I spent 300 dollars and exactly a week later I returned it due to it shutting down and never turning back on. Because it was used I wasn’t able to trade it out for a new one or find a computer in the 300 dollar price range that I bought it at. At this time I was embarrassed to tell anyone and left without a computer with my last semester of college only a month away.

Luckily, God blessed me with an incredibly supportive family and when I asked my dad for help, both him and my step mom decided to help me out. I went with the Dell Inspiron Touch Screen Laptop, which happens to be a dream laptop. I am starting to believe that you truly get what you pay for. Not only will it be perfect for school, but I will also now be able to blog more often.

On that note I have decided to start writing a novel! I’ve been wanting to write one for years, and the fact that my dad is a published author makes it all the more thrilling. I have done quite a bit of research when it comes to developing characters, a timeline, and an incredible ending. Of course I am leaning towards thriller fiction, so I believe it will take a lot of work and dedication to come up with the perfect story. I was inspired by my absolute favorite author Gillian Flynn who wrote “Gone Girl”, “Dark Places”, and “Sharp Objects”. Another huge inspiration of mine is Abigal Haas who is a newer author wrote my all time favorite book, and book I’m wanting to base my novel off of, “Dangerous Girls”. I’m hoping inspiration will strike at the right times and that this will also be a good niche for me when I’m needing to escape from my overthinking. I believe God puts ideas in your head for a reason. I’m not looking to become a celebrity, but I am looking to have some fun and see where it goes from there!

Happy blogging!