I’m curious to know what your opinions regarding social media are. We all do it right? Everyone I know has Facebook and an Instagram profile at the least. I actually use Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Although I love reconnecting with people from my childhood, and waking up in the morning to grab my phone to see if I have any new notifications, I do have quite a few issues that revolve around social media. This post is for my fellow over-thinkers.

First off, what do you guys think about the pressure that social media can cause? I know some of you will comment and say something like, “don’t take things so personal go out and live your own life”. Although this is easy for some people to say, some of us have more difficulties when it comes to peer pressure. I’m 24 years old and basically everyone on my friends list is married and on their second kid. A part of me feels left out because all of these things are happening and I’m not apart of it. You know those posts that constantly include mommy play dates? I don’t relate to them at all, which means I have a hard time relating to a lot of my friends anymore.

Now lets talk about the need to get likes. A  good number of you will say that likes don’t matter. To my over-thinkers out there, you most likely are constantly wondering why you’ll post something and get five likes, and someone else will post the exact same thing and get 105 likes. This can make your mind wander to scenarios such as no one likes you, and you’re very low on the social status totem pole.

I’m extremely obsessive about people liking me, so it will actually hurt my feelings when someone doesn’t reply to a comment, or a good friend doesn’t tag me in something she tags other people in. Sometimes I wake up in the morning worrying that someone has said something negative on something I posted the night before which then leads me to think, why am I so stupid for posting that in the first place? This has yet to happen to me, but now  do you see my social media issues more clearly? To translate I care way to much about what people think of me.  I feel as if Facebook is a popularity contest and is also a place for people to brag and bash the opinions of others.

Bullying on social media is also insane. whether it be a person towards another person, or a meme that was meant for your eyes to see because it was about you. Now I know my over-thinkers out there will assume that a lot of posts are directed towards them even if they aren’t. I can worry about a post being directed towards me for hours just to find out later it had nothing to do with me. This isn’t me being self-absorbed or full of myself, instead, this has anxiety and self-esteem issues written all over it.

I’m going to be completely honest when I say that I am obsessive with Facebook and it’s an unhealthy addiction for me. I’m obsessed with the idea of living up to someone else’s life and making the events in my life seem just as spectacular as there’s. Great, so I don’t just have a overthinking problem, but I also have a jealous and attention problem too.

Social media is great don’t get me wrong, but I wish I could break the habit and not be so concerned with what people think about me along with constantly trying to prove my worth in the world.

I would love for you to share some tips if you have any. I’m open to tips on social media itself, and also how to build self-esteem so you’re not so worried about what people think of you.

Happy blogging!