I’ve made it! It’s a bittersweet feeling. I got an extremely late start in college as I didn’t officially start until I was 22. Almost 3 years later, In December, I’ll finally be graduating with my A.A.S In Medical Administrative Assisting. I have become accustomed to a certain routine, so I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared to death about what to do when I’m done. I’ve always had a small part time job and looked forward to school every semester. All in all, for me, college was an amazing experience. Although I didn’t go to a huge University, Aims Community College was amazing and while the instructors definitely push you to be your best, they are also extremely supportive. My mom and boyfriend hate when people ask me where I go to school and I reply, “oh just Aims”. I have to remind myself that I don’t go to “just” Aims, and I have grown so much mentally. Their business program along with their graduation rate  is ranked among the highest, so cheers to having awesome instructors!

Being a business major I’ve had the same instructors for multiple courses throughout my college career, so this semester is pretty different for me. It will be easier in the sense that I’m only taking 3 classes instead of my usual 5, and only two of the classes will be in class. The classes that will be held in-class are extremely long this semester ranging from 2 to 2 and half hours. So if you’re family, a friend, or even someone who just came across my blog, read on if you want to know what my last three courses will entail this semester!

Medical Office Financial Management: I had no clue what to expect in this class. I  was a bit worried because of the word “financial” because I’m not a math person (weird I chose a business degree right?). The class will contain MOSS (Medical Office Simulation Software, and during this simulation we were “hired” onto a job where we will be assisting 3 different physicians for approximately 16 weeks. There will be a ton of different tasks such as; medical records, daily recording, accounting, payroll, appointment setup and scheduling, transcription, perform clerical duties, diagnostic coding, organizing, maintain medical records and send them to labs, follow HIPPA rules, and documenting.  Tara is my instructor and I have had her for 2 or 3 precious classes. She’s a really laid back instructor which I like. She also encourages students to be independent. This class will be a lot like my Medical Transcription class because we work at our own rate. We can come and go from this class as we please. Actually, we don’t even have to show up to the class as long as we communicate with her so she knows we’re in the class and we hold ourselves accountable. I however do better when I show up and stay for the two hours and just work on my tasks. It keeps me concentrated on thing. I don’t know that I have enough self-discipline to work on it all at home. So Tara told us this is the class that will help us the most with our degree, so it’s bittersweet I’m finally taking it. It’s good because it will possibly be easier for me to get a job and have all of the info  fresh in my mind, but the downside is It would’ve been cool to have taken in past semesters.

Creative Writing: Random class, I know. A man I worked with was confused when I told him I was taking this class because he knew I was in Accounting last semester. Basically because I work in the Medical field doing some clerical duties I have “experience” in the field. I found out from 2 classmates last semester that I could talk to my advisor about switching to an elective of my choice in place of the internship. Originally I was enrolled in Psychology of Human Sexuality, but I’ve taken two other psychology classes and I recently decided I want to work on a novel. I want to have some experience in writing and this class will help me think of new ideas. This is my longest class from 5:30 pm to 8:10 pm. We start off the class with a writing prompt and then for the rest of the class we workshop. There will be four projects that will have a different genre such as poetry or fiction, and  and we’ll spend 3 weeks on each project because each student will have to read out loud there writing one of the weeks. For the first class we had 3 students go and we told them our thoughts on their writing. Five people have to go next class period. I don’t know what inspired me to sign up to go next class period, but I did and now have to read my writing out loud for others to critique. This freaks me out, because I am not a public speaker. You couldn’t pay me enough to do that. I already have the first couple pages of my novel written, so I figured I could just print that out and read that to everyone. Wish me luck on that. :/

Complete PC Database: Lastly this is an online class that is EXACTLY like my Word 1 and Word 2 Techniques classes, but with Microsoft Access instead. In my Word 1 and 2 classes were we had a book that pretty much tells us step by step on what to do. We’ll be graded by how the documents, or in my case, databases, turn out. This will show how well we followed and understood the directions. We will have both a midterm and a final with this class.

So that’s it, folks! I’m still nervous because I’m not feeling as motivated this semester. That’s how I seem to feel every semester though and than as soon as I catch on I fly through the classes.

Thanks for taking the time to read!