Recently I just switched from the iPhone 6s to the Galaxy S7. I have mixed feelings since I’ve had Apple phones for about 4 years. There are things I like better about the Android such as the keyboard allowing me to put in punctuation on the same screen, and also that you can change the font and have a ton more customizing options. Also because I’m on a Verizon plan it seems to save data better than an IPhone which is what led me to switch in the first place. That andnAndroids won among the category of best camera’s. There are also things I don’t like. The emojis on android suck. I was a huge emoji fan. I thought maybe the play store would have a better emoji keyboard, but so far nothing even comparable to the iPhone. Secobdly, the App store on the iPhone has a way better selection then the Google play store. I ran into a small issue that I resolved; I can’t plug an android into my car via USB and have it play through my auxiliary like I could with my iPhone. However, I can connect to my cars bluetooth. I got lucky that my car came with built in Bluetooth.

So I’m curious. Especially with the new Galaxy Note 7 that was recently released, and the IPhone 7 coming out September 16th of this year, what do you guys prefer? IPhone or Android? Leave me some comments!😊