The world is conceited, it’s easy to see
I post dozens of selfies, but that’s not really me
People always hide behind the lies of their posts.
The question is, is it reality or is it all just for show?

Pregnancies, marriages, and perfect lives
Is your life really perfect or is it just a lie?
I change my wants as I scroll through the newsfeed and am sucked in
I want your approval I just want to fit it.

You think we’re friends, but that’s not always the case
You see someone wanting approval
Someone pretending to have your personality with a different face

If I told you what was on my mind
Really put in my two cents
I doubt I’d get any likes or even one comment

Social media has ruined our sense of identity
We try to change and erase the flaws we see
If I pretend to be someone I’m not online
Would you ever really like the real me?