A time when you didn’t want a boyfriend because boys had cooties.
A time when your biggest decision was whether you wanted chocolate or vanilla ice cream.
A time when you would fall asleep right away because you didn’t know what stress was.
A time when you could eat what ever because your metabolism was gold.
A time when you didn’t have to pretend to be someone else to make friends.
A time when you only got hurt when you fell down on the playground.
A time where your days consisted of riding your bike around town.
A time when you had so much energy you didn’t know how to use it all.
A time when Disney channel and Nickelodeon was the best thing you ever came across.
A time when you thought money grew on trees and your parents could buy what ever.
A time when you looked forward to school and holiday parties were the best.
A time when you were naïve, and Santa was your hero
A time when your imagination was free to run wild.
A time when the world was your oyster.

Oh how I wish I could be a child again.